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Legal Compliance

When you work with Trusted Background Checks you can be certain that we are always in absolute compliance with the laws and standards that govern the background checking industry. (and believe us, there  are a lot of laws and standards)   Here are just a few of the laws, acts and organizations that we constantly research to ensure that we  (and you as our customer) are in full compliance with:

FCRA Compliance 

The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was developed to promote accuracy, fairness and privacy for individuals in the files of every Consumer Reporting Agency. (CRA) Most people think only of credit bureaus (companies that collect and report on the credit worthiness of individuals) when thinking of the FCRA but companies like Trusted Background Checks and BSA who perform pre employment background checks are also governed by the FCRA as are the customers that use our background checking services.

Trusted Background Checks provides FCRA compliance information and online templates of all letters and forms necessary to comply with FCRA employment background screening requirements, including:

  • Applicant Disclosure and Consent forms
  • Adverse Action letters
  • Summary of Consumer Rights

ADA Compliance

Trusted Background Checks also  operates in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), which prohibits employers from discriminating against people with disabilities who are qualified to perform essential job functions

EEOC Compliance

The EEOC has also weighed in on background checking particularly as it relates to criminal background checks. It has said that: The use of arrest records as an absolute bar to employment has a disparate impact on some protected groups and arrest records cannot be used to routinely exclude persons from employment.  However, conduct which indicates unsuitability for a particular position is a basis for exclusion.”

Trusted Background Checks also works diligently to ensure that we (and you) are in full compliance with the EEOC.